January 19th, 2016

My Alaskan Malamute Jeter


Looking back over your whole entire life up until this very moment, how lucky do you think you've been?

Would you say you have been:

Extremely lucky
Pretty lucky
Not really lucky or unlucky
Pretty unlucky

dk/dc/bitch I make my own luck: How many times a week do you eat breakfast?

Rejection Etiquette

I recently observed someone (A) have a minor meltdown over being unfriended on a social network (created for platonic real-life meetups rather than dating/hookups or sharing photos), to the point where they actually phoned up the person (B) to ask them about it. They had met in real life once, about a week ago, and A thought it went really well.

From my perspective, it looks like B did not have as good a time as A and decided she wanted to invest her friend-finding energy elsewhere. The unfriending was a "soft no". I tried to explain this to A and suggest she put it behind her and move on. A replied that she thought B was being cowardly and should have just told her that she (B) didn't really want to hang out again outright.

Assuming that A really liked B, but the feeling was definitely not mutual, how should B have handled rejecting A? Do you think A was in the right to call B and ask about the situation?

(Note that this was an entirely platonic meet-up. Neither party was expecting romance or sex.)

There's also the chance that A misunderstood the mechanics of the site entirely and had not been unfriended. If you had met someone online, hung out once and had a good time, but then a week later got a phone call asking about why you unfriended them/why you didn't like them/whatever, when you had actually done nothing of the sort, would that scare you off the person entirely, or would the potential friendship be salvageable?

What is your favorite cookbook

When you cook, how often do follow recipes in a cookbook?

What is your favorite cookbook?

I will sometimes fine a recipe that sounds interesting, make a grocery list, stop at the grocery on the way home from work and make the dish following the recipe.

My favorite, or at least the one I use the most, is Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.