January 18th, 2016

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Hi there TQC,

I was wondering if any of you have ever sold anything on Poshmark? The last couple days I have been doing a massive closet clean out. Most of it I plan to donate it to places where it will actually be used. Some of it though is in really good condition or never even worn, and it would be cool to get some extra cash. I think I understand how it works. But I'm just curious if you've sold stuff on there, 1. how does that work out? and 2. how was the selling experience for you?

Thanks TQC!

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Do you cook at home a lot?

Who does the cooking where you live?

What are the top 5 staple meals that get made around your place?

What's your favorite thing to make if people are coming over?

What's the last food you learned how to cook?
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mad skills

Tonight I went to a knitting class where I was the least able to understand and execute directions, and after two hours everyone else had at least an inch of knitting on their needles whereas I had barely completed one row. This is the second time I've taken a knitting class, so it wasn't even totally new material to learn.

This weekend I'm subjecting myself to another music rehearsal where I am the least capable member of the group (I have to practice about twice as much as the rest of my section, just to keep up).

What skill do you lack but you keep trying to practice nonetheless?
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deceased person still has bank account

Why would a person who has been deceased for 4 years, still have an active bank account? Is there a reason? I ask because I have never dealt with a deceased person's affairs etc.

We moved into our house in 2011. The neighbor told us a few months later that the former owner of our house, had passed away - he had been in his high 80s.

We got mail addressed to him, for a couple of years, some I forwarded to his daughter and some I called and asked them to take him off their mailing list (hearing aid people, accessible transit people, etc)

However we recently got a bank card, which I forwarded to the daughter. Now we got another mailing from this bank.

I DESPISE getting mailings that are not to our house. The last place I lived at, I lived there for around 8 years and the entire time, I got mail for about 4 different prior occupants. I had lots of fun with one place trying to get the mail to stop. I wrote "return to sender" and it kept coming. I called the customer service, they said "write return to sender on it, and use a highlighter to write all over the envelope" LOL. So I don't have a lot of faith in "return to sender" and neither did this customer service person LMAO.

Some of it was also banks that somehow didn't know where the person's new place was. Maybe if someone gets divorced, and forgets they have RRSPs, okay I get that.

However this particular deceased person has a power of attorney - the daughter. There is a person actually taking care of this person's affairs.

I am going to call the bank tomorrow. The mail shouldn't be coming to our house in any case.

ETA: I put RETURN TO SENDER on it. I forwarded the last one to the daughter, but maybe that is just enabling the whole process.

I debated briefly getting his mail redirected to the daughter, so I never have to see it, but RETURN TO SENDER is cheaper LOL.

Also I would like to add that in the entire 4 years, nothing has arrived from this bank until maybe 6 months ago. So that is weird.