January 15th, 2016


Catching 20 Winks

Assuming you have to get up at a specific time, how long before your alarm goes off does "crap, I should go to bed" turn into "screw it, I might as well stay up"?

More than 6 hours
6 hours
5 hours
4 hours
3 hours
2 hours
1 hour
Less than an hour
I'm very good at getting to bed on time, so this has never happened
I haven't slept in years
I'm sleeping beauty

Time is on our side

Do you habitually wear a watch? Like, a wristwatch, or a pocket-watch, or any other sort of watch?
I've just ordered a brooch-watch, because I don't get on with wrist-watches (they annoy me, or make me comes out in a rash, or I get them wet when washing my hands so they die on me, so I haven't used one in years). Am I going to seem hugely pretentious if I wear it for work?

(no subject)

Did your parents ever lie to you to encourage your imagination & fantasies? What did they say?

And/or are there any lies that you were sad to learn were lies? (Kind of along the lines of Santa or something.)

When I was about 5, I had a fairy costume and I thought that if I ran & jumped off this 1.5 foot ledge that I might be able to fly. My mom encouraged me to keep trying, causing me to believe that I could learn to fly. There was one run+leap where I was completely convinced that I had flown for just a moment before succumbing to gravity once again.

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I have been sad after hearing about Alan Rickman passing away (RIP)... I can't remember ever really feeling emotional due to a celebrity passing, although I knew some day that could be a possibility. Here we are. And I'm sad. :(

Have you ever felt emotional toward a celebrity's death? If so, who?
Is there a celebrity you can think of whose death may affect you? If so, who?

On an unrelated note, what are you reading? I am reading Left Neglected by Lisa Genova. I will probably finish it by tomorrow, and am excited to pick a new book to read! Will you help me choose which book to read next? It's beteween: Born Survivors or Whistling Past The Graveyard

What are you doing this weekend? My son is watching Wreck It Ralph and playing legos. I am reading my book while taking breaks and surfing the 'net. Tomorrow my fiancé and I are going to the gym together. Low-key, no real plans this weekend! None that require changing out of gym clothes/borderline pajamas at least.

(no subject)

Months ago, the barcode that gives me access to my apartment complex was scratched off of my window. When I asked for a new one, it's $500 (and probably costs less than $5 to produce) When I asked for a gate code, the response I got from multiple people was "we really don't give that out unless we REALLY need to."
I came home tonight to find the gate closed, traffic backing up into the main road, and no one at the security gate. Usually, there's a guy there and they just let me in since they know me by now. Tonight, I had to wait 45 minutes to get into my apartment. I had to wait, circle around, wait, circle around some more, I asked people if they could let me into the gate, explaining my situation, and it took a whole 45 minutes for someone to believe me (not that I blame those other people - I could be anyone).

This happened 4-5 other times. Luckily, during those times, the gate on the opposite side of the road was broken, so I was able to drive right in. Thanks to the bullshit security.

I just got out of a 10 hour workday, and the last thing I need is to wait 45 minutes just to get into the apartment that I pay $1400 a month for, just so I can live in this glorified shit hole. I'm about to kick someone's ass right now.

So TQC, how do you suggest I kick said ass? An angry email? I'd call them, but my cell phone is damaged and I'm waiting on a new one to get here (I'm in cell phone limbo, aka the 10th Circle of Hell). The leasing office is open tomorrow, but that's during my work hours and those people have been super nice and I don't want to blame those people. And one of the ladies working there happens to be good friends with my boss, and I'd rather not be the complainer.

What was the last thing that made you open a can of whoopass??