January 14th, 2016


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my job will allow me to move wherever I want in North America and I want to move out of the expensive city I'm in now (Seattle). I want to live somewhere that I can have at least a semi comfortable life and the cost of living isn't too high. maybe a quiet town.

Do you have any suggestions as to such a place that could exist? I'd be looking to rent either a house or apartment for preferably no more than $750 or $800 a month.
Grumpy Angel

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1. What tasks do you feel definitely fall under the heading of "light housework?"

2. What household tasks definitively do NOT fall under that heading?

3. Which tasks might be borderline, and why?


What's the last horrible song you got stuck in your head? How long was it there?

Are you one of those people who hum or whistle so everyone else can "enjoy" your earworm?