January 12th, 2016


Bag of mystery

It's zero degrees, icy, snowy and windy here. I just saw a woman running up the street, coat unzipped, no hat. She was wearing a catcher's mitt and on the open palm of the mitt was a small brown paper bag. What was in the bag?


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Wednesday's Powerball drawing now has a projected jackpot of $1.5 billion.

Imagine that you purchased at least one ticket, and you have hit it big.

How do you take your winnings - lump sum ($930 million), annualized (30 payments of $50 million)?

And what do you do with the money - spend/save/invest/donate/something else?

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Help from any medical billers and coders or anybody else with a knowledge of medical insurance! Edit to add that I am in the United States, sorry I didn't think to say that until I got a reply

My teacher gave an assignment in which we have to match definitions with terms, only the last couple of definitions I can't find a fitting word for on the list. (this is not uncommon with her, she has made countless similar mistakes). So Do any of you know what the terms for the following two definitions might be?

1. Plan that covers the balance of bills after basic coverage items are paid for by medicaid
2. List of areas of targeted fraud and abuse
Sherlock Yosuke

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So I just found out that the store I work at is closing in April. Besides already job hunting for another job is there anything else I should focus on like paperwork I should ask for etc?

DK,DC: Have you ever started working on something crafty and like after a little bit in go 'WTF am I making?' I just did this crochet. I think I'm making a zombie doll but don't know why I am making such a thing.

Giving medication to a dog who doesn't want it

This question is really for dog owners or anyone who has had experience giving medication to a dog. Though at this point I will take any ideas or suggestions for anyone - no matter how crazy they might seem!

I have a German shepherd who has a bad infection. As a result, I have to give antibiotics - in pill form - twice a day. For 21 days, and we have just done day 4, and it is starting to get a bit of a struggle. He doesn't want to take these pills and he is such an intelligent animal that any trick I try only works maybe twice before he figures out what I am doing and just spits the pill out. These aren't exactly small pills either, which doesn't really help.

So. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting a large pill into a dog who really doesn't want to eat said pill?