January 9th, 2016


♪You're perfect, yes, it's true, but without me you're only you♪

I've been feeling restless lately, but, for practical reasons, a big change is out of the question. So, poll time!

What change/s should I make?

Cut my hair
Start wearing makeup more often
Buy a new purse
Add a couple of interesting items to my wardrobe
Make slow changes to my look and wardrobe, spreading out the expense of a whole new look
Buy a new tarot deck
Cut my hair and start wearing makeup
Buy a new purse and add less stuff to my wardrobe
Buy a toy sports car

I'm probably going to end up cutting my hair. Based solely on its current length, about 3 feet, how much should I hack off?

Just give it a trim
A couple of inches
To the middle of my back
To just below my shoulders
Be Proud - Wear Pink

Overwhelmed by Smartphones

I'm considering buying my very first smartphone.  I've had my basic phone (Kyocera SE47) for the last 10 years.  I have 3 batteries that I rotate. While I was looking at phones, I noticed that under accessaries, there are no extra batteries that I can buy.  This concerns me.  What happens if my battery dies?  I've been checking around here in El Paso and there is only one place, Batteries plus Bulbs that would even consider changing out a battery for me, and they reserved the right to say no.  Which means I would have to send it off somewhere ... and I would be left without a cell phone for however long that would take.  I don't like that at all.  My question is, am I being silly?  Maybe the battery in a smartphone doesn't just die as a general rule. Have any of you with smartphones had to replace a battery and if so, did you have to send it off, could you do it yourself, or was there someplace locally that you could go?
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