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January 6th, 2016

Land of Confusion [Jan. 6th, 2016|09:08 am]
The Question Club


What's the last thing that confused you?
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(no subject) [Jan. 6th, 2016|09:59 am]
The Question Club


Am I falling out of love or is the honeymoon phase over?
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(no subject) [Jan. 6th, 2016|10:33 am]
The Question Club


I've got a friend getting married in Wilmington, DE in late April. I'll be driving there with my husband from Northeastern NY and thought it'd be nice to take a couple of days on the way back to stop somewhere interesting for a mini-vacation. Any suggestions for things between DE and upstate NY that are worth visiting? It doesn't have to be directly on the way (we could wander a little westward).
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Wedding dresses [Jan. 6th, 2016|06:38 pm]
The Question Club



Ya'll, I ain't spending big bucks on a wedding dress. That's just not how I want to spend big bucks, but this doesn't mean I'm not concerned with buying ~the perfect dress~.

I want something quirky. I want something that some may call ridiculous, but I call colorful. If it's all white, it's gonna be elaborate. Feminine. Different.

Here is a link to my pinterest for wedding dresses.

Wedding is in 4 months. Help me find a an affordable dress similar in fashion to the ones I posted?

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random [Jan. 6th, 2016|10:31 pm]
The Question Club


1) Would you rather see the movie first, then read the book, or read the book first, then see the movie?

2) Is there a particular actor (male or female) that you dislike for no particular reason?

3) Who do you think (as of the time of this posting) will be the next celebrity death
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