January 4th, 2016

Grumpy Angel


Does anyone have an app that they like for keeping track of what is in their fridge/freezer?

Does anyone have an app that they like for meal planning?

DKDC - Did you make any new year's resolutions? Care to share them? Have you broken any yet?

How important is the date of a holiday?

If a holiday is celebrated on one day in the country you grow up in, but then you eventually move to a different country that celebrates the same exact holiday but on a different day of the year, would you:

A. Keep celebrating it on the day you're used to.
B. Switch to the new date. Everyone else is doing it.
C. Celebrate both, but the old one more.
D. Celebrate both, but the new one more.
E. Other in comments.

As an example, we'll use Christmas. In the US it's December 25th while in Russia it's January 7th. If you move to Russia, would you switch the date or keep the US one?