January 1st, 2016

Isaac Of The Corn

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Poll #2032431 We all know they crawl in and they crawl out, but . . .

When you are deceased, what do worms do on your nose?

Play pinochle
Play blackjack
Generally crawl around
Other in comments

Bonus round:

Have you ever had a life coach? Have you ever been one?
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Man Without a Face

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I have considered myself bisexual for over a decade, although I've always been strictly physically attracted to women. The male body is not pleasant or stimulating to me at all. However, I've been dating a man for the last four years and I love him so much, but we have never been intimate. He is aware of all of this already, and as long as I'm faithful to him and love him, he is okay with it.

My question is then, should I call myself bisexual for ease (even though I'm disinterested in any other male) or am I a lesbian who happens to be in a relationship with a man?

(In the answers, please do not focus on my boyfriend's feelings, insult him, tell me to break up with him, tell me he's cheating, etc. We have discussed this thoroughly near the beginning of our relationship and what we have going is working for both of us, we're happy together, and we've even discussed getting engaged.)