December 29th, 2015


None of these is the question

What's the longest time its taken for you to read/watch/hear a piece of media, between realizing you wanted to and getting around to it? What was it?

Have you ever ordered a fictional drink in real life? If so, what happened?

What are people surprised to learn you've never watched/heard/read?

What are people surprised to learn you don't like?

DK,DC: The answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42. What's the question?

gift ideas for a friend?

I need some gift advice, if anyone out there would be so kind to help.

The recipient is my (adult, female) best friend of 10+ years.

She and her boyfriend live together in a rented house. The boyfriend has a massive Lego collection -- so massive that it has its own room. The only other extra room is saved for his daughter when she visits. The living room and den are filled with his also massive collection of movies and Funko Pop figures, and game systems. The bedroom is mostly furnished with his stuff. They can't change anything about the bathroom.

Basically, there is really no space to call her own, and she has expressed that she's been bothered by this fact lately. I wanted to sort of get her something that would help her feel she has a space just for her, or would be of some help towards that end.

Because of the constraints (no concrete space to work with, can't alter house in any way), all I could really come up with was some candles in her favorite scent/color, a book, and maybe a framed photo of her friends. I don't know if a beaded curtain as a separator would work.

If it might help, she loves to read (fantasy/romance/sci-fi), she loves anime/manga/videogames, purple is her favorite color, and she has her own laptop.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

edit: Thanks! Looks like another sort of gift would be better in this situation. Still trying to reply to everyone who was gracious enough to share a thought. Above all, thanks for the concern expressed towards my friend! It really is a crappy situation for her and it's awesome that everyone noticed that and spoke up. Here's hoping she doesn't have to put up with it much longer.
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at what point do you get rid of socks, and what do you do with them? throw them out, donate them, etc?

I tend to wear mine until they have holes in them... and, uncomfortable holes, not just any holes. But I always feel like I could get a bit more use out of them, and struggle with the idea of throwing them out.

I probably should get new socks more often, and donate the ones I'm wearing before they get holes in them. At least that way I'd feel like they were going to get more use. I'd probably still struggle with letting them go, but maybe not as much as I struggle with throwing them out...

Brought to you by my fiance, who thinks I look homeless lol
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Some random questions for you

1. What's your opinion on belly button piercings?

2. What does your username mean?

3. If you've walked out of a movie before the end (because it was bad), do you look up the ending online later?

4. What's your favorite animal? Why?

5. Best TV show in history?

6. Favorite movie soundtrack?

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The boyfriend and I are in the market for a new vehicle..

Currently he has a 2007 Honda Fit.  Its a nice little car...(especially if you like go carts! Ha!)..but we've decided that an SUV would better suit our needs...

So I come to you TQC...SUV suggestions? I dont know where to start my research.  We're trading in his car and putting $2000-5000 down (depending on when we find one we want).  I'd like to keep it under $20k..4wd is a bonus but not a must...same for 3rd row seating..

Dk; dc: what was the best movie you've seen lately?