December 22nd, 2015


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There is a conversation going on in one of the local facebook groups I'm a part of that has become very contentious. I am curious what your opinion is on this?

This guy posted a review of a local restaurant he went to and was very upset. The owner posted his side of the story as well.

Guy, his girlfriend, his mother, and his three kids go to a restaurant and he spends $100 on dinner. His kids order off the kids' menu. The kids meal includes an entree, a kids' size drink, and a dessert. His kids order water with their meals. Him, his girlfriend, and his mom order their meals and adult sized sodas. When the bill comes they ask the waiter to be comped for the $7.50 in soda because the kids didn't order soda and they want these sodas to be included in the kids' meals. The waiter (who I think is also the owner) says no because they were adult sized sodas drank by the adults. Who knows what was said after this point, but the family is told to never come back to the restaurant.

Based on this limited information of the story, who was in the right? Was it inappropriate for the family to request the drinks be comped? Should the restaurant have conceded to the request?

DK/DC: Have you ever ordered off the kids' menu at a restaurant? What do you think about adults that do?

I'd be more inclined to order an appetizer as an entree if I wasn't that hungry.

Warm(er) Thoughts

In my thrifting, I recently came upon a little black dress, silver sandals and a matching silver belt. It looks perfect for a night on the town. However...I don't know what a night on the town entails, exactly. Although I won't be able to wear this outfit for a few months, what summer night activities would you suggest?