December 18th, 2015


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When it comes to Christmas presents, who do you buy presents for? No-one at all, or just yourself? Closest family and friends only? Everyone you know? If you're in a relationship, do you buy joint presents from both of you to family and friends? Do you buy for your partner's family? Does one of you do all the Christmas shopping on behalf of you both?
How about Christmas cards? Do you send them? If you're part of a couple, does one of you do all the Christmas card stuff (buying or making them, compiling a list of people to send them to, addressing the envelopes and so on, not just writing a signature), or do you share it?

My answers; I'm single, I buy (or make!) presents for my immediate family (my parents, my siblings and their partners and children) and one close friend. I don't send Christmas cards; I've made a donation to a charity to help refugees in the Middle East and Europe instead, which seems seasonally appropriate.

DK/DC; what's your favourite world cuisine? Or what's your favourite new discovery, food-wise? Have you recently tasted something you'd never had before and really enjoyed it?