December 17th, 2015


He Who Must Not Be Named

You have a friend who has a lot of drama going on, much of it circling around one particular person. For the sake of your sanity as well as the friendship, you ask that said person just not be a topic of discussion ever again—otherwise it's all they would talk about.

Friend agrees to this.

After some time, friend makes references to said person without using their name: at first, "you know who" but then later just "someone." (The context makes it pretty clear exactly who they're referring to.)

Would this bug you? Or is it unreasonable to set that kind of limit to begin with?


A UFO shows up at your house, and an alien beams right down. It ignores you completely, but engages in a brief and serious conversation with your pet in a language you don't understand. The alien then takes your pet, gives you a "sup bro" nod, and prepares to leave. Your pet seems perfectly happy to go, but how do you react?

dkdc: What is your daily hair routine, and how long does it usually take?

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What's a good board game for 8-13 year olds? They have most of the classics, so i'm looking for something other than that but still fun/entertaining. I'm not much of a board game player so i'm a little out of the loop in terms of what's good.