December 15th, 2015


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I probably asked this last year, and if I did it could become our holiday tradition, but .. what was wrong with the dolly on the Island of Misfit Toys? The train had square wheels, and the boat sank, but the dolly looked okay, so .. why was she there?
  • piperki

little old lady who

Why is it always "little old lady"? I have a friend who's six feet tall, is she seriously going to be five feet someday when she gets old? What happens to tall women? You lose a little height when you get old, but not that much, right?

Do you know any tall old ladies?

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So I'm 32, and apparently I should be using peptides or some shit. I'm overwhelmed by all of the options though, do any of you have some recommendations of a product that isn't too expensive?

edit I don't even fully understand, it's supposed to be good for your skin though/slow down aging and crap. I don't generally worry about this kind of stuff but just started wondering if I should be doing more to take care of my skin but from the sounds of it, no body else here gives a damn which I am just as content with.