December 14th, 2015

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Cat owners: How do you handle scooping the litter box? Do you do it daily? What do you do with what is scooped?

I'm trying to switch from every other day to daily, but I keep running out of plastic bags. I also want to try to explore a more environmentally friendly method (rather than throwing away a plastic bag a day instead of recycling it). Anyone have any good ideas?

Get the F- Out!

If you invite friends over to hang out, do you think it is rude to say at some certain point, that it is time for them to leave? What is your limit on hosting? Is it ever rude to ask guests to leave? If you do ask them to leave, how do you do it?

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Do you like Starbucks? If yes, what is your favorite drink?

I was at the grocery store buying coffee-infused protein drinks, and the cashier asked me if they are better than Starbucks. When I told her I don't like Starbucks, her jaw dropped and she said she'd never heard anyone say that before.

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone, though. Perhaps I should start a support group. We can meet weekly, and there'll be free coffee (not from Starbucks).

I also dislike sushi, which causes similar shock and alarm when I tell people. I just don't understand the appeal of fish and rice wrapped in seaweed and I doubt I ever will. Fish is okay. Rice is fine. Seaweed is good. But putting those all together into little rolls? y u do dis?


What sort of popular food and drink do you turn your nose up at?
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Have you ever gotten an awesome present from a White Elephant gift exchange (or another gift swap where gifts are bought with no particular person in mind)?

My family is doing this for the first time this year and I'm absolutely stumped, especially since they're not the easiest bunch to shop for even when I know who I'm buying for. I'll probably just pick up a bottle of wine and be done with it, but I'm not sure if there's something a little less generic that I'm overlooking.
[peony] nyoro~n.

lol internet

do you know anyone whose social media posts largely consist of rants about how fake people are and seem to constantly be losing friends because no one can handle how ~real~ they are? if no one likes them and they're always getting dumped or ignored or left behind, is it true that everyone else is the problem?

what are your thoughts on people who ask for donations to aid them in their personal lives (paying rent, moving, hospital/vet bills, school, etc)? does it depend on the circumstances (serious health issues vs 'i can't get a full time job because it would give me less time to work on art commissions')? this is fairly common on tumblr.

car insurance

I'm in the market for the first car under my own name. In trying to get insurance quotes for one I have my heart set on (Subaru STi) that I'm test driving Wednesday I've stumbled upon a technical hurdle and brings up the question... I was always listed under my mother's insurance policy. In July my car was totalled through no fault of my own. When putting in the info it asks if I've had an accident/comprehensive claim in the last five years but aside from that I have not. Does that count since it wasn't in my name and I was just listed as a driver? Maybe I'm googling the wrong terms but I haven't found any help.

Don't know Don't care- What's your favorite wine? Brand or type! Currently I'm really into local winery limited editions like cherry chocolate and mulled spice wines. If you really don't like wine give me your favorite winter beer!

Thank you, TQC!
(and yes I realize the irony of these two questions. hahah)