December 12th, 2015


Mysterious serial number

I recently bought a Seagate personal cloud and was having trouble getting all my devices to access it. I finally managed to email support (they have the worst set up for contacting anyone that I've ever seen), and the only response they gave me was that my hard drive has a Western Digital serial number and thus they can't help me. Which is really, really confusing to me, since the case for this hard drive has a gaint 'Seagate' on it, and I don't even own anything else that is Western Digital. I even used the little program they made me download to find out my serial number, since it kept telling me the one I took off the box was invalid. What the hell is going on here?

Serious and non serious answers!
Legally Blonde

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I have a 12 page paper due on Monday for my Virginia Woolf seminar. It can be about anything relating to any of her texts. My professor is a hyper-critical asshole and Woolf is already one of the most heavily-researched/criticized literary figures. What should I write about?

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Hello, you've reached the voice inbox of a company that doesn't answer its email either, lol. Our normal business hours are totally right now, but rules are made to be broken, no? At the tone, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as you lose all hope of hearing from us. Hail Satan! *beep*

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Hi all! My boyfriend proposed to me last Saturday, so we're officially engaged! My mind is admittedly consumed by the future planning in store and with visions of my big day.

Which brings me!

If you had a wedding, what financial aspect of your big day did you decide to "splurge" on, if anything in particular?
How long was the guest list?
How long after you got engaged did you decide to tie the knot?
Any anecdotes you'd be willing to share about your wedding/engagement?
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