December 9th, 2015

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Nail polish remover query

For years and years I almost never wore nail polish on my fingernails because it would pretty much immediately chip. Then around Labor Day I joined a friend at the salon and got my fingers done as well as my toes. I've worn polish since then, sometimes just covering a prior set of chipping polish, and somewhere along the line bought some salon strength 100% acetone remover, as I was finding it very annoying to get off several layers that I had then added sparkly stuff to.

The last couple times I've painted my nails have been becaus my nails now look awful without, and they also have all been breaking.

My nails have never been this covered in splits. They've always been long and strong.

Is this something one expects from regular polish? Or is it the acetone? Or is it the salon strength?

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We had a pizza party at work today. Since it was only 2-3 of us eating pizza at a time, it dawned on me that I don't know if it's actually a "pizza party," but rather, a few people just sitting around, eating pizza.

How many boxes and types of pizza does there need to be, and how many people need to be eating pizza, to make it a pizza party? Where is the line drawn from people eating pizza, to having a pizza party?

And then when I thought about it further, I realized that the majority of food items don't get their own party. What about chicken parmesean? Chicken parmesean doesn't get a party. What about pad thai? I LOVE pad thai. I think pad thai is worth partying over. But I'm sure everyone would look at me like I'm a space alien if I told the whole office that we're having a pad thai party to celebrate exceeding our sales goals.

So, which food do you think deserves a party?