December 3rd, 2015


Triangle Symbol

I'm an Alanis Morissette fan. Recently she revamped her website -- -- and there's a symbol that appears on the main page that I'm curious about. It's a triangle shape that's open on the bottom with an upside-down triangle inside, which you can view by following the above link.

I haven't been able to find the origin of this symbol on my own because I don't know how to search for it. Anyone know what it means or where it's from? Thanks so much!
invisible monsters

Spending on Gifts

How much do you spend on holiday gifts for your SO? What about for your kids?

What about birthday gifts?

Would you spend more if you could, or do you think it's over-the-top to do too much?

Inspired by a conversation at work the other day (in which I kept my mouth firmly shut). 

calling all TQC linguists!

Hey TQC,

I come to you asking for your knowledge regarding languages.
We are selling an item online and have been recieving abusive messages from a guy who offered us 1/3 of the price we are asking.
We turned him down, nicely, and he has been bombarding us with abusive messages since.
Most of them have been in english but one reads "jel to dolazis ba".

Can anyone translate this for me? Google translate isn't being very helpful.


let me get my hands...

The winner of the Literary Review's Bad Sex in Fiction contest for 2015 is Morrissey.

This is the prizewinning...passage.Collapse )

How does this square with your opinion of Morrissey?

Matches perfectly with what I already thought of Morrissey.
I am under 40 and I don't know who Morrissey is.
I am under 40 and my parents listen to Morrissey so this is even creepier for me.
I wish I could write like that.
Other (answer in comments)

And are you going to run out and get Morrissey's novel now?

Yes, I'm a big fan regardless of what Morrissey is doing.
Yes, so I can read more amazing sentences like that one.
Yes, I'm out of kindling.
Yes, I'm going to give it as a mean present to someone.
I will attend a book signing in case there is free wine.

Poppin' them pills

Do you take any vitamins or supplements? Which ones? Is it your own decision or was it recommended by your doctor? Do you notice any difference without them?

I started taking a multivitamin almost every day (sometimes I forget). I would say that I feel better since I've started (better sleep, better moods), but it's hard to be an objective observer of your own experience. (Though my boyfriend has commented that I'm sleeping much more normal hours now.)