December 1st, 2015


Book Poll

A few days ago I noticed a couple of pretty books in the supermarket, 1&2 of a trilogy, that sounded interesting, but the price was too high for me. ($17). Last night I got round to tracking them down online, where I discovered they were reprints of a series that's still available at a cheaper price ($8) but less pretty. So, it's poll time!

How should I get these books?

Buy the $8 version
Use a coupon to get the prettier version ($13 online)
Borrow it from the library and make sure you want the book

*Nothing to do with the books in question, just the only literary ticky I could think of.

I'm sure you're looking forward to these kinds of posts...

I have a $150 budget to buy holiday gifts for my 15 employees. It's best if they're all more or less the same. I've looked at like 20 different sites I found on Google for "$10 gift ideas" and "gifts for employees," but everything is really lame. I'm going to bake cookies to give to everyone with the gifts. Also, the company gives everyone a nice holiday bonus, so this is just a personal thank you from me and my boss. In other departments, a common gift is scratch off lottery tickets or airplane bottles of booze, which will be the last resort if the powers of TQC can't help.

dk/dc: What's the best present you've ever gotten from a coworker/employee/boss? What's the worst?

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Do you hold hands with your SO? Do you do it frequently? Do you normally do it whenever you are out and it is convenient to do so or only on date nights? Has it changed throughout your relationship? I've recently realized how often I reach for my SO's hand. It's a habit anytime we're walking together.