November 30th, 2015

  • piperki

weekends are made for...what

Poll #2029390 Living It Up

How long is a long weekend before it becomes a vacation/holiday and not just a weekend anymore?

Anything over one day
Three days
Four days
Five or more days

Do you look forward to weekends?

And how
Tico Tico

It's the last night of your weekend. You're anticipating a busy, stressful week. How do you want to spend your evening?

Hanging out with pet(s)
Watching a few hours of TV
Other (answer in comments)

What day is the end of your weekend?

Some other day that's not other people's weekend day
Ain't no weekends for me

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  • sabraka

Frozen Peppers

Mr. Jack Frost came in the night & claimed all the peppers off my red bell pepper plant, leaving them soft & soggy. Now I'm wondering of any good ways to deal with them now? I could throw 'em to the birds, but thought I might check here first?

DK/DC: Does wintry weather play much of a necessary part in feeling the spirit of the Holidays for you?

UPDATE: Thank you everyone for all of your ideas, I really appreciate it! I'm going to try drying some in a dehydrator, & freeze the rest. They should make good additions in a stew or sir-fry. Also, my chickens still get to luck out & feast on all the seeds!

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My birthday is this week - so let's talk birthdays!

Let's pretend it's YOUR birthday coming up. My birthday is this week - so let's talk birthdays!

Let's pretend it's YOUR birthday coming up. What kind of cake do you want? Where do you want to go out to dinner? What do you have planned for the day?

I'm actually working on my birthday, but we'll probably get sushi or Italian for dinner that night. On the weekend my boyfriend and I are going to go ice skating.
city walls

(no subject)

if you no longer live in your parents' house, at what age did you move out? how much of your stuff did you leave behind? how long did it take you to get that stuff out? or, is it still there??
Rainbow Notes
  • mccfan

Do I acknowledge?

I recently received a letter from an ex of nearly 20 years ago.  We haven't actually spoken over the phone etc in over twelve years and have had no email/online contact in at least seven years. Our last contact from years ago was me changing my email address and not giving the new one to her. Our conversations by that point were short and to the point but not negative. I changed my email when I realised she had added it on to mailing lists she used for work purposes. Basically I was getting spammed with over 200 emails a day about stuff I wanted nothing to do with. I asked her several times to remove my email address without success, so I just changed it and moved on. I felt no need to try to save any type of friendship at that point.

In 2012 I found out her father had died, so I sent a brief polite condolence message via facebook (we are not actually facebook friends.) I didn't receive a response, but I hadn't expected to hear anything either.

Fast forward to this month. I received a handwritten letter in the mail from her. It's a selective, brief, modified version of what's been going on in her life, but said she wanted to tell me that her father had died, she had gotten married and that her mother had also recently died. By way of this I realised she did not get my message or had any idea that I knew about his passing...

I got along fine with both her parents when we were together but didn't speak with them again after we split up.

We have almost nothing in common now and I don't want to do anything to drag up the past again. However, I do feel a sense of guilt in pretending I haven't received the letter at all.  She has suggested wanting to be facebook friends and I haven't even wanted to think about that being an option right now....

Part of me wants to knowledge the letter, let her know my thoughts but then cut all ties again. I'm in two minds as to how to handle this...

My question is: Do I acknowledge receiving the letter?