November 29th, 2015


Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

Did you go shopping at any black Friday sales? In an actual store, on Friday? Did you score any sweet deals?

No/We don't have black Friday sales/I feel like answering another question: What's your favorite snack for a gaming marathon? (If you don't game, What's your favorite minimally messy snack that's easy to eat one handed.)
Isaac Of The Corn

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I've noticed, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, that it is easy to determine someone is a douche bag if they are wearing a shirt for either that den of awful bro-ness The Chive, or shirts that say Tap Out, indicating that the wearer enjoys MMA. But, which one is actually douchier?

Poll #2029312 Wearing which shirt indicates a bigger douche bag?

Well, which one?

The Chive
Tap Out
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Is there anything that you hear older people criticizing the younger generation about (don't say "millennial." I hate that word so much), that you don't think is accurate, or that you think the older generation is being hypocritical about?

For example. I hear older people complain about how younger people today are "out of control." Why are they out of control? For drinking, for partying, for wearing revealing clothes. Then when they go back to talk about all the debauchery THEY caused when they were young, suddenly it was "different then." Or, the fact that I hear people talking about kids always being on their phones. Yet I see people all over the place staring at their phones - in public, at work, in the car - and it's not just young people. I had a job where most people were in their 40's-50's and they were on their phone more than me

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When things break (like, handles snap off or whatever), leaving them still kind of usable if a bit awkward, do you get rid of them, replace them, repair them, put them to one side intending to repair them, or carry on using them?

DK/DC; Can you take a hint? How many hints does it take before you pick up on it?
(This question brought to you courtesy of some guy on a dating site who has now sent me six messages over the past couple of weeks, starting with "Hi my name is $name how are you", going through "Hello" and "How was your day" through to "I really like you", in spite of the fact that he quite clearly hasn't read my profile, which states right at the beginning that I'm not looking to date or hook up or whatever. I haven't responded to any of his messages. How many more do you think he will send before he gets the hint?)