November 25th, 2015

Gift Exchange

So I'm involved in a couple of different gift exchanges this year. One is in my office and two are online. Do you like internet exchanges more or in person exchanges? I feel like there's a lot more pressure for the in person exchanges which is why I enjoy things like its_a _tqc_xmas more.
r lee ermey

Phone etiquette

Does it bother you when people call you and dont identify themselves and just start talking?

I just started a new job and my dispatcher calls me and just starts talking....dude...i dont know you that well yet


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It's Secret Santa 2015!

Sorry, Secret Snowman 2015. We had a lot of people complain about imposing Santa on those who don't believe. We want to stay progressive

Do you get this nonsense where you work? Do you usually stay within the buying guidelines? Do you ever give passive aggressive gifts when you select a coworker you don't like? Have you received a passive aggressive gift?

Edit. The Christmas tree is now going to instead be referred to as the neutral pine tree. Please refrain from wrapping gifts with Christmas wrapping paper. You know what, don't even wrap them. Any and all fliers referring to the Christmas tree will be promptly removed and used to shame whoever created it. If you don't like it, then go to church and work there

Edit #2: what are you doing to stay progressive this holiday season?