November 24th, 2015


Calling all TQC doctors!

I've kind of googled this and really only came up with diabetes, which I don't think is the case.
..My boyfriend sweats a lot at night. Like as soon as he falls asleep. It really inhibits the snuggles that we are accustomed to during waking hours. He's a chubby fella but no doctors' test have shown any diabetes results (the popular google answer?) Granted, he hasn't been there in a while (looking for a network in-state, etc) but does have yearly blood tests due to a heart condition.

Maybe relevent info:
-It's year round. I don't notice it as much in the summer because we're both gross then, but it's getting colder here now. Last night was the first time I've noticced it this year.
-Even if he falls asleep watching netflix on the couch, any part of my that's touching him get's sweaty.
-When he's asleep and sweating he still grabs for the blankets (...stealing them from my anemic self!! we have three layers)
-It's usually a cold-feeling sweat (to me?)
-During the day he sweats like a normal person would.

Serious and non serious answers welcomed. I told him that when he gets his 2016 insurance he has to find a new doctor here, but I'm worried it could be something rare and insane.

DK/DC: How many different continents have you traveled to? -AND/OR- do you have netflix/hulu/amazon? What do you watch?

stock; tulips

music in commercials.

Apologies in advance if this lacks cohesion, but I figured, hey, why not try, LOL.

Does anyone remember those theatrical "Beef, it's what's for dinner!" commercials from several years ago?

Do you remember that piece of classical music that usually always accompanied them? It was rather dynamic, as I recall.

If you answered yes to both these questions, and if you're a big enough music nerd, here's a third: Do you know the name of that piece and who composed it?

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So tqc...I live in hometown has a whopping 12,000 people. My current town has 26,000 (not counting college students)...

Tomorrow I find out roughly how long it will be until my boyfriend and I can move to his home town in Georgia ..which has 145,000 people.

Any useful tips for making a transition from small town life to a big city?

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How do you feel about anonymous gifts, TCQ?
We have RAG week at my university, which is basically a week of fund-raising activities of various sorts, one of which allows people to make a donation in return for a small gift for someone; a baked good or a rose, mainly. The gifts can have a message with them, or can be anonymous. So I have an anonymous cupcake, which is nice, but also very slightly unsettling on some level; I guess I don't really like the anonymity part of it.
What say you?

DK/DC; what's your favourite baked good? They had cupcakes, brownies, and cookies to choose from, among others; what would you have gone for?

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Does it bother you when characters don't say "goodbye" to each other on the phone in movies and TV shows?

It bothers me a lot more than it probably should. I understand that it's to save time and keep the action moving forward but I mean, I can't think of very many movies or TV episodes where every single line of dialogue is absolutely crucial to the plot anyway. Surely they could find somewhere else to save those two seconds of screen time. Plus it always kind of takes me out of what I'm watching because people never just hang up on each other in real life (not that movies need to be a 100% accurate reflection of real life, of course). What do you guys think?