November 21st, 2015

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Skype and the Afterworld

A few weeks ago, I received a notification on Skype about the birthday of a childhood friend of mine who sadly passed away this summer. I was in total shock to get this notification because I have not been in contact with this girl for almost 10 years and we've never had each other as contacts on Skype(!) or even had each others emailaddress or anything like that. If you have Skype, you know you get notified about your contacts birthdays but how could I get receive a notification about someone who I've never been in contact with on Skype? I can not for the life of me understand HOW I could get that notification!

I'm 23 and lost contact with this girl (let's call her S) as we got into our teens but before that we were best friends since kindergarten. I was very sad to hear about her passing away and went to her funeral with another childhood friend who, like me, was best friends with S when we were little. My mother and sister also came to the funeral as we all used to be close to S and her family (and still are close to an extent, S's aunt was at our house for my sister's graduation party only two days before S suddenly passed away).

Fastforward to a few weeks ago, I received this notification about S's birthday and I almost couldn't believe what I saw. Later in the day, the notification was gone and when I thought about it I was sure it had to have been a dream but no - I had shown the notification to my mother and she tells me it definitely happened. Only a few days before this happened, my mother had met S's mother in a store (they've also talked a few times on the phone since S passed away) who've talked about how she believes in an afterlife and the spirit world and believes that S is sending her signs from "the other side". So when I got this very odd notification on S's birthday, my mother wanted to immediately call S's mother to tell her about it but I stopped her because I thought "what if there's a logical explanation to this?" I didn't want to tell S's mother and imply that her dead daughter has contacted me if it actually was something else.

On Skype, have you ever gotten a birthday notification from someone who you've never had in your contacts? Do you think this is something that can happen and in that case, how?

What do you think about the notification I received on S's birthday?

Do you think I should tell S's mother about this?
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**Thanks, I went to the ER and now have been admitted to the hospital-- longer update in tqc_updates.**

Would you consider being on a lot of meds with potentially dangerous side effects if you aren't tapered off or that are extremely necessary to your health, but being so sick you can't keep any down, ER-worthy?

Anyone gotten the flu that's going around?
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Do you, or anyone you know, shop with any regularity at a department store? I don't mean a discount department store (K Mart, Target, etc.), but rather a big, mall-anchoring department store. If you do, is it only during a certain season (*ahem* Xmas *ahem*)

Asked because I seriously don't know anyone who shops at those places and it amazes me that they all stay in business.
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I was just listening to a couple of guests staying at my hotel. They were college students and they were talking about how much coursework they would have over Thanksgiving break, and exams coming up, and how stressed they were about it. It made me realize that I still carry that feeling of impending doom around that time, even though I have not been a full time student in several years.

Do you still feel stressed during "finals" weeks even though you're not in school?

Edit. I should note that these students stay here for internships for various research institutes (so, STEM majors) and many of them take classes online. That's why they're at the hotel (in case the story made no sense)
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Hello people, i need your help with something.
We bought this new machine to make food with only one spoon of oil. But it moves very slowly. So i was wondering if someone of you have tried it once and know HOW to change the speed to make it spin/move faster.
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