November 20th, 2015


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Someone brought a bag full of huge homegrown turnips to the office today, right next to the friday donuts it says "free turnips". Should I take one?

WTF do you even do with turnips?

Regarding a Time Off Request

Situation: I requested time off from my job to spend time with family in about three weeks. It's a one-day thing, and I didn't say much else other than "family coming for visit" in the reasoning box. I did it (maybe?) two weeks ago. I got into specifics with some people, and those people aren't important.

Next week, I find out the fate when the schedule for the week of 12/6 is posted. It might be up either the day before Thanksgiving or the day of. I can look at the time off program on the company computer in the stockroom the next time I go in to make it easier, but I don't want to log on just for the sole purpose of checking that out.

Is there any way I can discuss this with someone face-to-face, though? I know they haven't sat down to make it, but I just want to make sure I can tell them that I can be to work at any other time in the week leading up to the date in question.
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I have been living with my boyfriend for 3 months. We've been together for about a year; since October 2014. Last night, he told me he's been thinking about going somewhere far off for school (for another undergrad degree). Far off as in England (we're in Toronto). I'm 26, he's 24.  I have a Masters degree, he has an undergrad degree. I'm panicked because I think we'll just break up somewhere in the course of us doing a LDR while he's on another continent. This is the first serious relationship either of us have been in. Should I look into finding ways to follow him to Europe or should I just let it go?