November 15th, 2015

bruce bruce

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Does anyone know what those figurines/statues of the virgin mary holding a baby are called?

She's usually wearing a veil, sometimes they have halos. They're often also candle holders. I am trying to find some, but don't know what to search for. Thanks!
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Social Awkwardness

I am extremely awkward when it comes to social interactions. I simply don't think of the reply that is relevant or proper for that situation, at that point in time. It leads to some awkward situations (which don't seem that awkward to me, but I've learnt that society deems it so) that I don't know how to get out of.

Question: If you're socially awkward, what have you done to combat or "get over" it?

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I accidentally left a few packages of raw chicken legs on my counter for approximately 2 hours.  They were wrapped in plastic shopping bags and then inside of a reusable canvas shopping bag.  It's cool in my apt but not cold.  I put them in the fridge as soon as I realized they were there.  Do you think they will be ok? 
Slytherin Binny

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Which website would you use to organize a book club with your friends?

We were thinking Facebook because everyone already has it but facebook groups don't really exist anymore so we're not sure it would work.

Okay so facebook groups still exist. Do you have any other ideas or do you think that would work best?