November 14th, 2015



Will you tell me about your pets (for those of you that don't have pets, I'm so sorry.)?!
Will you post pictures?!

I foster dogs and cats though currently only have the one foster dog (though adopted one dog and two cats). I recently fell IN LOVE with a kitty at a shelter and I want to adopt her. My husband gave me an ultimatum, adopt her and stop fostering or pass on her and keep fostering one animal (alternating between cats and dogs as they get adopted) in her stead.

What would you do?! I'm so torn. Would having three cats and a dog make me "that" lady in the neighbourhood? For the record my animals are super duper important to me and are all taken care of properly so I'm definitely not neglecting them in any way if it sounds like I've already house too many furry friends!

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