November 12th, 2015


There is Something About Evangeline

I wonder if anyone can help me with my literary quest. I was reading Wikipedia about a poem Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie, by Longfellow, and noticed the phrase at the end of the article: "The opening phrase of the poem "This is the forest primeval" has entered the cultural lexicon." To me, it sounds like a statement that this particular phrase is widely used and not necessarily in reference to the poem. Personally, I've never heard anyone using this quote. So my questions are:

1. Have you ever heard (read) the phrase "This is the forest primeval" in the conversation (written sources) not related to a poetry discussion?
2. And if so, in what context was this phrase used?

Thank you all!

(no subject)

my vet is pretty sure my cat has hyperthyroidism. until I can save up money for his treatment, is there anything else I can do for him at home to help relieve some of the symptoms? he is ravenously hungry all the time and although I've increased the amount I feed him, it does little.

have you ever dealt with an animal who has/had this issue?