November 8th, 2015

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whatever happens

I used to have this friend at work who got no exercise and ate whatever struck her fancy. She thought it was a little obsessive of me to work out regularly and eat a fairly healthy diet just because I have a family history of heart disease and osteoporosis. She once remarked, "I just figure whatever is going to happen will happen regardless!" I said that's rather like driving the wrong way down the freeway with your eyes closed and telling yourself that whatever is going to happen will happen. I said I was going to keep trying, thanks.

Do you have health concerns, TQC? Do you address them actively or do you just figure whatever is going to happen will happen and why bother?
green twain

Useless information

My ex would not put knives in the dishwasher because she said it makes them dull. She also wouldnt put the cast iron skillet in the dishwasher either.
Boy was she wrong on both counts!!!

What "rules" have you discarded from your past relationships??


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x) What was the last piece of unsolicited advice you were given? Did you take that advice?

y) Is there anything in your fridge or pantry that's about to turn or already has? Why haven't you eaten/used it?
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Have you ever pursued a diagnosis for something? For example, if you thought you had a particular mental disorder that would normally require people to observe you, such as Bipolar Disorder, then went to a psychiatrist and they confirm "Welp. You're Bipolar"

I have a very deep suspicion that I have Asperger syndrome. Or at least something like it. If this were several years ago, I would have been in complete denial. I have a family friend who has Asperger's and he is not very functional, and I think I just had that image in my head of what Asperger's is and just assumed that couldn't be me. I have met a couple of other people who have the disorder who are very functional and you would never guess that they had it, which got me thinking. But the more I read about it, and the more I think about the way I am in real life, and how people react to me in work or social situations (going back to childhood), I really do think I have this.

If you were to pursue a diagnosis in something like that, do you just go to a psychiatrist and say "I think I have this"? Or would you just go in there, and just act like you know nothing? Are you not supposed to hint at a particular disorder?