November 4th, 2015



Any eBay/Etsy sellers in the house?
- How do you calculate the shipping cost before the item is sold?
Shipping companies usually have a "Calculate Shipping Rate" section on their website but they require you to provide the zip/postal code the item is shipping from (which is my own) along with the destination zip/postal code (the buyer's) but how about if you don't know where it's being shipped to yet cause the item hasn't sold? How do you come up with a general shipping rate, for domestic and international buyers, and not lose money?

- What postal/shipping scale brand would you recommend?

- How do you ship extremely large items, such as furniture?
-- How do you weigh it? How do you wrap/package it?

FYI: I'm located in Canada.

The new mouse in town!

Computer Problem

A few days ago, my brother's computer and PS3 stopped connecting to the internet in his room.  They were working fine before.  I tried reset the router and the server.  Still wouldn't connect.  Even went out and brought a new router. wouldn't connect with the new router.   On the other hand, My computer and my mom's kindle had no trouble connecting with the old/new routers.

So, my question do I fix this problem?

Don't know/don't care:  What is the most money that you ever found on the ground?