November 3rd, 2015

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Do your pets have any quirks? The boyfriend's cat thinks he's a dog.
He's also obsessed with bottle caps. It took him about 10 minutes to locate one here in the bf's old room.

Do your pets like to steal your stuff? The cat steals my bras. I finally gave up and let him keep his favorite one.

We ended up bringing him with us to Georgia. The boyfriend didn't feel comfortable leaving him alone because he's never been alone. If the bf wasn't home, cat had the dog to spend time with.

Once he realized we weren't going to the vet, he calmed down and slept. Occasionally he'd meow..but I think he figured out if he maid noise he got a treat.

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Not long ago I asked a question about using an induction stove on low versus a crock pot, and at the advice of TQC-ers and the fine internets, I decided to get a crock pot! This thing is awesome. I have been making tons of great food. Mostly comfort food.

What's your favorite comfort food??

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1. Isn't there supposed to be a rule that tv stations have to put a full second of black screen and no sound between the program and the commercial break? Or maybe at least during children's programming?

2. When was the last thing you discovered that you were wrong about, that you had believed to be absolutely true?