October 29th, 2015

  • piperki

television set

Do you recall a time when people actually said "television set" and they weren't characters on a retro TV show?

What is the first TV you remember your family owning? What were its notable features?

If you were not wealthy and you were starting over with few possessions, would you accept a free non-digital tube TV?
Adventure Time - Jake is ready for his c
  • twissie

Itinerary for Working Holiday

I'm going to apply for a working holiday visa to Japan, I turn 30 next year, so this is my last chance at one!

I studied Japanese at university, lived there for 6 months during my studies, and I've been to Japan on holiday 7 times since my first stay.

Honestly, I just want to go there, experience life, hang out with people, and take in the sights, but for my application I need to propose an itinerary for the whole stay (12 months), and I have no idea what to put on it. If you were to stay 12 months in Japan, what would you put on your itinerary?