October 28th, 2015



Is there such a thing as an 'unkillable' character in a TV show? Is it based on the audience or the writers? Do you think it's a bad move to kill loved characters? Have you ever thought someone was unkillable and then was shocked when they died?

Brought to you by The Talking Dead saying that as a TV show progresses, the list on 'unkillables' grows. But in a show like the Walking Dead, that's kind of impossible because some of the 'unkillables' they mentioned are already dead in the comic so it really makes no sense to call them that.
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with Halloween coming I've been trying to remember old ghosts stories to tell my 8y.o. nephew, and I have a few. I mean, I've been always looking for them since I remember; every place I ever visited I tried to get at least one story of the weird or -allegedly- supernatural; and I have a few.
what about you guys? any good story in your house/previous house? near your house? in your town or that you heard of on a holyday or something? did you have to move from because of it? haunted houses or objects?

do you believe? do not?
and if you do not beleive what makes you think there's nothing else.

I shouldn't believe but I've seen weird things that cannot be explained in any other way, the first one is a guy I used to play with, he was around 18 or 20 and I was like 2 or 3 years old. my older brother (the one who sent me pics from Mexico near a beach that looks like heaven) was in KIndergarden so I was left at home while my mom took him to school and then again while she picked him up.

The guy used to come home while my mother was still in bed and helped me with my hair, and played with me while I was alone, he made me dolls out of matchboxes and helped me on my adventures, climbing furniture or opening doors.

I don't remember his face, or his voice but I do remember he was very tan and had this red shirt he wore every day, but my memories are blurred about much else.

oneday he didn't come so I asked my mom why Kanitoh (no idea why) didn't came to play with me. my mother looked at me as if I were crazy and asked me who he was and freaked out when I told her he came when she was asleep.

The guard swore to everyone he never let anyone in, and my mom had him and my dad's driver check the house twice, I do remember the endless questions and looks.

Apparently in the end I dreamed all that, but I was there as my mother and father and every adult were talking about how I opened doors too high for me, or got the cookies from the top self, or appeared on top of dressers and bureaus without a bench or chair to climb on.
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Do you have a savings account?

Do you put money in your savings account every month/paycheck, by a certain percentage (10-15%, or whatever the current literature says?)

Does the current amount of money you have make you feel safe?

If you had to support yourself on savings right now, how much would you still need in savings to avoid being in the "danger zone"? Ie what is the minimum amount you need to feel safe?