October 9th, 2015


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My new housemate (and old friend) takes very long showers in the morning. We get up and leave the house at roughly the same time. Whats the best way to ask, 'can we please keep showers to pre-7:30?'? Is a text akin to note-leaving?

ETA: I shower at night - I can't get in to pee or wash my face before i'm already late for work.

Little Accidents


A child between 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years old reaches up and randomly grabs at things on a tabletop, and in the process knocks over a cup of hot coffee. The scalding liquid ends up leaving a scar on the child's leg. One of the parents says it's the child's fault (for reaching up at the table). Do you agree? Or do you think the parents, or nearby adults, bear some responsibility for not minding the child or the environment?

Also, would you have sought medical attention right after the accident or just let it go as one of those dings that happen to kids?

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invisible monsters

Inspired by Facebook

Your child (let's say school-aged - kindergarten+) is invited to a birthday party or sleepover. You're given the start and end times and the location.

How many other questions do you ask before allowing your child to attend? Do you ask about activities, food, entertainment, or other things?

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On movies and transliteration help

o1. What are your favorite foreign movies?

o2. How about favorite animated movies?

o3. I've recently seen The Band's Visit and heard this poem. Can someone please transliterate it from Arabic to English? (I found the translation off here.)
انا الحب والمحبوب والحب جملة
انا العاشق والمعشوق سرا واعلانا
اقول اناة وهل هنا غير من انا
ففي الانى ما زلت ولوعا وحيرانا