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October 6th, 2015

Deadlines [Oct. 6th, 2015|09:56 am]
The Question Club


I'm starting up a magazine, and my primary worry is that writers will not hit their deadlines. Do you have any suggestions to avoid this? Some articles suggest creating a reward system and displaying a calendar showing due dates along with actually-submitted dates. I would like to know what has worked for you.
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Getting involved or being Switzerland. [Oct. 6th, 2015|12:52 pm]
The Question Club


If you're in a public place and you witness someone being rude or outright awful to another person or store employee - would you get involved? What would have to happen in order for you to get involved?
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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2015|01:08 pm]
The Question Club



I do not eat out at italian places very often, what would you order here?


I am not picky and love trying different things but I get lost and feel stupid with such big menus.

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Panama Red is back in town! [Oct. 6th, 2015|07:16 pm]
The Question Club


As a late baby-boomer, if I have some marijuana and am offering to share in the consumption of it with a friend, I might say "Wanna smoke this joint with me?" or "I'm gonna take a few hits of this. Are you in?"

How would Gen Y or Gen Z say it?

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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2015|07:40 pm]
The Question Club


How do you cope with a break up where your families are intertwined (his mom is my uncles wife - we met before they married) and the guy is suicidal on top of it and keeps calling/texting/facebook-ing you?
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Showing my apartment [Oct. 6th, 2015|08:23 pm]
The Question Club




I live in a basement apartment and have given my notice awhile go, with plans to move out October 31st. As such my landlord has started showing the basement apartment to potential new tenants. While I understand that the place needs to be seen-the landlord is never there to show the place-it is left up to my boyfriend and me. He sends a text giving a time and then someone shows up.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever had to show the place you are renting even if you are not the landlord?

I don't know where the landlord lives but I gather it is not near by.

Can you tell me stories about landlords and rental units?

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ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?? [Oct. 6th, 2015|08:43 pm]
The Question Club



I know the basics about football
..nothing in depth. So i am going to drop some serious cash on this FAN DUEL fantasy football league. Seems legit and seems like its easy to win BIG CASH.
Any tips you can give me to improve my winnings?

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big glass of nope [Oct. 6th, 2015|09:15 pm]
The Question Club


I usually have a glass of water next to my bed. Sometimes in the morning I take it out, sometimes it ends up staying there until I get home at night. So tonight I was clearing stuff off the nightstand--two coffee cups (one from morning, one from afternoon) and then I went back and got the glass. I was going to wash and refill it when I noticed it had a huge crack down one side all the way to the rim.

When did the glass develop this crack?

In the dishwasher days ago and you just now noticed.
Sometime during the night, and you probably swallowed glass.
Sometime during the day, mysteriously.
Probably you bumped it just right with your coffee cup(s) and broke it then, even though it made no noise at all.
The heat from a coffee cup cracked it.
Other (answer in comments).

Should I get a new sort of drinking vessel? What should I get?

Another glass
A plastic tumbler
A metal tumbler
A coffee mug
Other (answer in comments)
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Blogging conflict (drama) [Oct. 6th, 2015|10:40 pm]
The Question Club



Have you ever had issues about your blog with the offline world?

What would you do about someone who claimed your username? 

What if they believed this person, but not you? 

How do I let go and not feel angry about this? 

Do you care about who anyone online is offline?

I hope it's no too many questions, don't feel like you have to answer any or all of them. 

Why I'm asking:
I used my blog writing in an art project, one classmate was very upset about it and insisted I was lying. She was intimidating to me, so I didn't really confront her.  I have schizoaffective disorder, but I swear I heard her over at my neighbor's house.  Besides not believing me, she talks loudly about her delusions surrounding it.  One of them was that the real lost the key (who has always been me) was harmed by me, so now I hear death threats from another neighbor and plotting against me.  I already went to a crisis center to see what I can do, but they believe it's just my illness.  I'm not messing around with you, if you find it funny or meladramatic that's fine.  I just feel targeted and alone.   

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Booze! [Oct. 6th, 2015|10:50 pm]
The Question Club


Looking to see if we had any marsala, I found open bottles of 1)dark rum 2)cream sherry 3)single malt scotch whiskey and 4)tawny port. None of them have been touched since 1999.

So, my questions are:

Are the contents of any of these likely to still be any good?
Can you cook with all of these?
Will I legally be able to enter Scotland if I cook with the 3rd one?
Other than cheap, is there anything I should look for when buying marsala to cook with? 
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