October 4th, 2015

  • piperki

Like buttah

I distinctly recall my mother buttering the bread for all kinds of cold sandwiches, including bologna. Some of my more ancient cookbooks call for the bread to be buttered. Yet these days, one rarely receives a restaurant-made sandwich that includes any butter. What is your take on this?

Should cold sandwiches include butter on the bread?

Yes! Improves the flavor.
Yes! Holds sandwich together.
Yes! I put locally produced grassfed butter on/in ALL MY FOOD.
No. Ewwww.
Only certain sandwiches should have butter (explain in comments).
I have never thought about this before.
I will use this question to rant about something tangentially related.
I will tell you a 9-paragraph story that has a brief mention of sandwiches.

(no subject)

Inspired by the recent post about buttering bread for sandwiches...

I've noticed at my place of work that customers will put butter on their pastries and it grosses me out. I just can't wrap my mind around putting butter on a cinnamon roll or a danish. You're already having a decadent treat, and then you're going to slather butter all over it? Blech.

So what do you guys think? Am I weird for thinking pastries are meant to be enjoyed "as is"?

Exes and clocks.

1. If someone is a step-sibling and the parents divorce, does that make him/her an ex-sibling? I have a step-cousin I keep calling my ex-cousin, and was wondering if anyone else does the same.

2. How many clocks do you have in your place of living? Doesn't matter if digital or not. I was babysitting yesterday and their entire house has no clocks. My house has at least one in every room. I can see the time from any position. It kind of freaks me out not to know it. Anyone else?

The Basement of the Food Pyramid

Does anyone know of a chocolate bar similar to Green & Black's Maya Gold? (Dark chocolate with a twist of orange, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a hint of vanilla.) I can't seem to find it in stores anymore.

What's your favorite chocolate?

What's your favorite non-chocolate candy?

If you wanted to add fruit flavor to cola, would you use soda of that flavor, flavoring syrup, or something else?
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don't look

I just warned a friend about a scene in The Martian that might trigger her to faint. I don't share her issue but I still looked away from the screen for a few seconds because it was kind of nasty, to me.

I don't enjoy segments of films where they show puking, so I usually look down and if I'm watching at home I also mute it until that part is over.

What kinds of things creep you out so badly you'll look away from a film?