September 28th, 2015


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Job problems.  Grr.

A few months ago I lost my job, and it's being treated as a layoff, due to some rather odd circumstances.
Anyway, that job was a 9-5, regular schedule, didn't pay much, but for a single person like me, it paid the bills and still allowed for beer money on the weekends.

A month after losing my job, I took another job within the same field (hotels), but at the front desk.  Boooo.  I agreed to do the 3-11pm shift, since I actually did that for years.  I also agreed to an occasional morning shift if coverage was needed.  Basically, I took the job only because I needed to pay my bills without exhausting my savings.

The problem is, since I have been hired - 2 months ago - I have seen people get fired over the phone, people leaving, and shorted paychecks.  Every paychecks accounts for *exactly* 40 hours a week - so, if the overnight person showed up 30 minutes late, even though it was recorded on a written time sheet or on the time clock, I was never compensated for it.  On top of that, my boss has not posted ONE job listing since firing people or having people quit.

This means that I'm now in a position where, if I ask for a day off, I am given a talking-to.  I asked for Yom Kippur off, and then I asked for another day off for later in the month, and then I put in my request for November, as I have a wedding out of town and a baby shower that same weekend (planned before I was hired).  For each day off requested, I made a dated copy for my own records.  My boss threw an absolute fit over it.  "You're our evening person, I can't just give days off whenever you want."  What if I need to call in sick?  There is literally no coverage at all.  No health insurance either, for that matter.

Now they are telling me that, since one of the overnight people left, that I will be working Saturday overnights.  This is a whole other job entirely.  One day a week will probably turn into "Hey, can you come in Wednesday?  And Thursday?  ANd Friday?"  What's even worse, is that overnight people (in a hotel) are usually paid more, and I will not be paid any more than I am now.

I've been trying to start my side business as well, and I have no idea how I will do that without having at least some kind of predictability.

I've had my eyes open for another job, but now I"m worried that I'm going to basically be on call 24/7 and I'm not on call 24 hours for *anyone.*  Do you think I should leave this job sooner rather than later?