September 27th, 2015


Cats/Litter Boxes

I've got a problem that I'm hoping I'm solving correctly.

I moved back on Friday. A week ago, we had moved our cats over to the place so they could get used to the atmosphere. They stayed in what is my room first and were then integrated so they could get along with the other cats in the house. Both cats were using litter boxes that we'd been using, just so they had somewhere to do their thing.

Then there's a problem.

We haven't been here for a full weekend yet, and one of our cats doesn't want to go where the litter boxes are. He's been pooping in the bathtub and has left a trail of stuff on his butt. I suggested getting a litter box for my room so he feels somewhat comfortable with the situation. He's had a little bit of an issue with another one of the cats that's been here longer than he's been, and I'm not sure if that's the reason why he's not going downstairs or whatever.

So here's the question: Is this idea a good one or not? Granted, I'd be continuously picking up his messes when I'm not sleeping, and I don't know if it's going to leave a smell.
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dog compatibility

i have a ~1 year old jack russell terrier mix (according to DNA swab, jack russell / cairn terrier / dachshund and some other breeds, so basically a mutt). his name is poppins.

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i want to get him a friend.

i know every dog is different, but in general, what breed(s) would get along with my pup? i live in an apartment so preferably a small dog. and is gender compatibility an issue? i've heard i should get a female because of territorial problems with two male dogs. poppins is fixed and i would get the new dog fixed also, but even so, if i get a female, would they still attempt reproduction? thanks!

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What activities would be on your reverse bucket list? (Things you never, ever want to do before you die, but probably feature on someone else's BL.)

I just started mine with: Climb Mt. Everest. (I just finished reading Into Thin Air.)