September 25th, 2015


USPS question.

So, I have a package coming to me (in Maryland) from Washington state. It was shipped last Saturday, I got a few updates on the tracking page - the last update was 3 days ago and it still hasn't left Washington. The page says that its expected delivery is Monday, but I'm a little worried because it seems to have stopped moving. I called USPS and all they could tell me was that it is, indeed, still in Washington. The last tracking update was "Departed USPS Facility". Is it possible that it has been moving this whole time and the page just hasn't updated?

dk/dc- Show me your pets?

(no subject)

Do you consider yourself an "adult"?

Is there something you do, or have, that isn't considered "adult"?

Did you hold some opinion or political ideology, that changed drastically once you got older and started adulting?

1). For the most part. I live in a clean 1 bedroom and I pay my bills on time, i don't dig myself deep into debt, I generally practice what I preach

2) I still go downtown and binge drink on occasion. A few months ago I drank to the point of crying and throwing up on the street, and again in the uber cab to my friend's house, where I threw up again before passing out on the couch, and drove home the next morning, my jeans still covered in my own vomit. I haven't don't anything remotely like that in 12 years or so.

3) I used to be a raging liberal. Now I'm somewhere in the middle