September 17th, 2015


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What's your favorite sketch comedy group or show? If you were trying to hype a friend on the group, which is the sketch you would show them first?

My friend Scott is a big Key and Peele fan, and the "Lightning In A Bottle" sketch is where he started me off.

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In “The Blood,” an episode of the TV show Seinfeld, George tries to go for “the Trifecta”: eating a pastrami sandwich and watching TV while having sex. His girlfriend isn’t pleased about it, though, so the triple-intense pleasure doesn’t materialize in the way George had hoped. But something akin to this scenario could very well work for you in the coming week. Will you have a knack for stirring up more fun and pleasure that usual through the inventive use of multitasking?
  • piperki

limping around at the painful crack of dawn

It has come to my attention that my evenings are so busy, I sometimes don't make it to the gym. A logical solution would be to go a couple of mornings per week. However, I pretty much hate everything about a 5:30 a.m. workout except the moment I'm finished. Going there sucks, being there sucks, doing the work sucks, I do not enjoy it the way I would 12 hours later. How can I completely fool myself into thinking this is AWESOME and I should get up at 5a to make it happen? (Sleeping in my clothes is not an option, too binding.)