September 13th, 2015


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have you ever had a hairstylist just ask you way too many questions about what layers you want, how you want your hair to lay, face framing, who knows what else?

is it considered impolite to just tell a hairstylist "stop. i'm a computer programmer. you are a hairstylist. I should not have to decide how to make this look good, that's your job?"

it'd be awesome to hear from some actual hairstylists on this topic.

Having a dream!

I used to have dreams that i want to fulfil. But in the past three years i lost interest in that. I just live my life normally without putting anything in mind to pursue. Is that worng? living your life without having any plans or dreams to reach and achive one day? Do i have to change the way i think or i live to become a dreamer?

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Dumbass question of the day :

My husband bought me a external hard drive for an anniversy present, its a brand I am unfamiliar with and googling has not done much for me :

It is a My Passport Ultra.

I would like to set it up to do a continuous backup of files, but I do not want it to delete files from the HD when they are deleted on the computer.

My other external has this option, does anyone know of the Passport does?


Shoe Phone

Damn this newfangled whatchamajigger

Okay, this is a seriously stupid question. Especially since I have all this tech background, and I support these goddam phones. But remember all I do is make them work -- I don't have to teach people how to use them. That's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it.

The situation: I've enrolled in an RA research study that sends me texts on an every-few-days basis, wanting to know 1. how long I was stiff when I got up, 2. how bad (on a scale of 1-10) my pain was today, and 3. how fatigued (on a scale of 1-10) I was today. Each of these questions comes in a separate text.

My problem: All three texts arrive at once. How do I respond to each individual text separately? When I just enter 1:30 down there on the respond line, then send it (intending to respond to text 1), it tells me "Sorry, your reply wasn't what we expected". It's only letting me respond to the last received text from them.

I can't believe I'm completely stonewalled by a fucking texting app. Any ideas? I can't put all the answers in one text, it gives me the "reply not expected" response again.

Jesus, I feel so stupid.
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Crazyface Adachi

Need to vent and ask a question.

So I get paid bi-weekly. I'm also a ditz when it comes to remembering if I work that day or not so I am religious in writing that shit down. On a planner, on the calendar and lastly, in the computer. I worked a 25 hour and a 20 hour shift. 8/31-9/4 for four hours and 9/7-9/11 for five hours each day. I checked just know and found that my 25 hour shift...was cut down to 20. I worked 5 hours and didn't get paid for it. WHAT THE FUCK.

So Questionnaires, what would be your response to management when you 'politely' point out that you want your fucking money?

Also, what laws can I look up or who can I report to about this if they don't want to pony up?