September 7th, 2015


Surviving Memory Foam

I have a super fancy mattress - all natural memory foam with no flame retardants or other toxins and yadda da yadda da ya. We got it when my daughter's asthma was really bad in hopes of helping her to sleep better.

Well now I'm stuck with it and it's awful. It's hot and smushy and I wake up sore and under rested every day. I can't afford to replace it, so am trying to find a cost-effective way of firming it up. Everyone I've spoken with has had the super helpful advice of putting plywood underneath it. This isn't a problem with the box frame not supporting it properly though - the problem is that the mattress itself has the resistance of a bowl of jello.

I've thought about getting one of those gel cooling pads, but apparently they don't work with memory foam? And that wouldn't do anything about the firmness of the bed.

Anyone else deal with this successfully? I'd really like to sleep well *at home* sometime in the next five or ten years....


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My boyfriend's cat got fleas from a visit to my boyfriend's family (not their fault). He's been treated with revolution, but he's still got some little suckers on him. We've been flea combing them off him. We're going home today and our plan is to wash all our clothes and vacuum off our suitcases. He's an indoor cat and we've never had fleas before.

Is there something else we need to do? I've been googling but since the fleas originated in someone else's home and not ours, I'm not sure if we're missing something! I appreciate the help.
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Amtrak Under 2

I am looking at Amtrak tickets from Chicago to Buffalo, overnight. My daughter will be just over two, which means they want her to have a full ticket at an adult price. The trouble is, that means we need an extra room which makes the price ridiculously high. She wouldn't be needing her own bed anyways as she still sleeps with us.

My two options are:

1. Claim her as an under two and pay for the room for 2 adults.

2. Claim her as a two year old, pay for one room for one adult and then regular tickets for 1 adult and 1 child. Two different bookings. According to the website, you don't share rooms anyways unless it's on the same booking.

Do they check if she's really under 2? She's tiny and as we're travelling in one country I could just say we don't have any ID for her.

What would you do?
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photos of the happy couple

Poll #2021774 freeze frame

How long were you and your current or most recent SO together/a couple before a photo of you together existed?

An hour
A day
A few days
A week
A month
A year
More than a year
There are no photos of us together after more than a year
It's complicated (detail in comments)