September 4th, 2015

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Have you ever had to deal with bed bugs? Was it something that ended up being something else other than bed bugs? I was reading yesterday when I saw the tiniest bug on my book. I squished it and carried on. Then I felt a tickle on my arm and there was another one there. They're *really* small and are on my dogs as well. I'm pretty sure they're not fleas because they're not jumping at all. They're really small, about the size of a dot made by a pencil with a really fine tip. Any insight? I didn't sleep all last night because I was Googling what else it could be and I came upon bird mites. There's a nest right over the front door and I noticed when I came back in from letting my dogs out I had a handful on my hands. I'm stumped. Any experiences would be appreciated. No recent hotel visits, new furniture, or random new item in the house (that I remember). No bite marks either. If anything it just feels like tiny things crawling on my from time to time (ick). Pic behind the cut.

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Do you think it would be fair for women to be charged less for things than men, the discounted amount adjusted in accordance with a national comparison between men and women's salaries for the same jobs? The discounts would be applied to everything from federal taxes to general shopping/services, and as the salary gap narrows (or widens) so do the price cuts. What does TQC think?

DK/DC: What's your favorite flavor of pudding? Mine is pistachio.

French speakers?

I am trying to communicate with the Grandparents of a pair of adoptive dads that have come in from France. I photographed the birth last night and the grandparents were so so sweet but speak no English.

I want to speak to them but have not found a good translator, can someone recommend a website or app that I can type in a phrase and have it spoken in French slowly?

Alternatively, would any French speakers here be willing to record a few phrases slowly for me so that I coud practice before we meet again next week?

DK/DC : When is the last time you felt awkward?
walking alone

How i show my support

Hello, this is my first question here and i'm sure you'll give me the help i need.

I have a friend who've been through a crisis in her life, she murdered her husband by mistake. She's been through a lot before and she ended up in a fight with him that eneded with his murder. Now she's staying at some place far from her family and her kids, till she gets trial. She sent a notebook with her mom to give her family and the people she loves to write in this notebook.

The question is: What i should write? I want to express how much i feel sorry for her situation, and i want to show her my support and love. But I want to write something makes her stronger to overcome the difficulties she's going through. I don't know how to write those things :( Can you help me with some ideas?

Note: She's my friend since i was little girl, 5 or 6 years old ! We know each other since forever. I want to be there for her as much as i can.

Thanks in advance.