September 2nd, 2015

city walls

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how many hours do you sleep each night, on average?

how many hours of sleep do you think would be ideal for your body each night, on average?

what time do you usually go to bed? how much does that vary by, and how often?

what time do you usually wake up? how much does that vary by, and how often?

do you use an alarm?

DK / DC: how many glasses of water do you drink each day, on average?
blue plant

(no subject)

Do you like chips and salsa, or do you prefer them with cheese sauce or another bottled dip?

Do you like to make your own toppings and sauces for nachos?

Do you even like nachos?

DK/DC/tortilla chips are a sodium nightmare: what's your favourite snack or party food?

(no subject)

Do you call anyone in your life by just their surname, without a title or honorific? If you do, do you address most people that way, or just specific people? what's your relationship to them?
How do you feel about being addressed by just your surname?