September 1st, 2015

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What is be civilized?

[en] After seeing this image of the photographer Kerstin Langenberger I wonder are we civilized?, what makes us civilized is the mutual respect between human beings or includes respect with other species?.

[es] Despues de ver esta imagen de la fotógrafa Kerstin Langenbergerme pregunto ¿somos civilizados?, ¿lo que nos hace civilizados es el respeto mutuo entre seres humanos o incluye el respeto con otras especies?. 

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A friend of a friend (M) is engaged to someone (F). Our mutual friend (A) has always been suspicious of F, because a lot of things he's told M don't really add up (things about having a private jet, beach house, sailboat, etc, but M has never been able to use these with him). All sounds pretty standard for a liar who is just trying to impress a girl he's dating.

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What do you guys think is going on? Why would they keep lying about money/luxuries to everyone?

Non-srs answers welcome ofc, but any insight would be helpful as well. Just a weird situation all around.

Does your thesis even matter?

Does anyone know how important your master's thesis is to your career options? Do future employers really care what you wrote?

I'm juggling two different questions for one topic. My main advisor favors the first question, and another of my advisors favors the second. Both claim their favored option would be better for my "career." I can't really choose one over the other right now, so I figure I might as well aim towards practicality/feasibility. If one is truly better for my career, I guess I should choose that, but some of my friends say that the thesis does not matter at all.

What's your experience?

P.S. This is just a master's program, not a Phd. I'm not really writing this to get into a PHD program, but in case I change my mind over the next few years, a good thesis couldn't hurt.

Maybe it's just me.

Am I the only ones who feels annoyed and/or insulted when someone says "Thank you for all you do!"?  It feels condescending and insincere to me.  If you really appreciate what someone did for you it is a lot more genuine to name what you're thankful for them doing.  Thoughts?
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For those who use body/hand lotion:

How often do you put lotion on?

What body part(s) do you use lotion on?

Do you have a standard go-to lotion you buy? If so, what size is the bottle (in ounces)? And how often do you have to re-stock with a new bottle?

If you don't have a standard, how much lotion do you think you use per month, week, year, whatever?

Brought to you by my somehow ridiculous accumulation of lotion, and the fact that it seems to last forever, even after I've gotten in the habit of putting some on my hands every night JUST to use it all up.....

DK / DC: what's your favorite fruit?
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TQC, I am finally decorating my room the way I envisioned it when I moved into it... oh, six months ago. >_< I have some mirror mosaic tiles that I wanna stick on the walls, but I don't want to rip the paint off when I move out. Any ideas what I can use to attach them?? They're made of glass so they're a little bit weighty, despite their small size (1/2 inch square). I tried using the little sticky squares that come with glow-in-the-dark stars but they weren't strong enough :( I bet Sticky Tack would work, but it would be a pain to scrape it all off later, right??

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I find that there is a surprising amount of discrepancy on what ice cream cake is. So I'm turning to you guys to get your opinions. Which of the two best describes what you think of as an ice cream cake?

A. Separate layer/s of cake and ice cream which are then frosted
B. Ice cream, possibly in layers with some sort of filling between them (such as cookie crumbs, fudge, other sweet crunchy/crumbly type stuff). frosted to look like traditional cake