August 27th, 2015

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I just got a Kitchenaid with a bunch of accessories.

1. Can you tell me a good recipe that isn't too technical but that uses a good mixer?

2. I just used the juicer piece for some grape juice. Do I have to throw away the peels or is there something I can do with them?

Completely unrelated: What do you do with your photos? How do you store them? If you store them online, where and why did you pick that site?
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Possible Trigger Warning For Fire Suvivors

My wife and I were watching a documentary about a man who was (most likely) wrongly convinced of arson and put to death.

He didn't return to the house to save his children and said that everyone says they would but that it's not humanly possible.

My wife thinks that's bullshit because plenty of parents do die saving their children, but I think that how people react in situations where their life is in danger shouldn't be judged that way.

We talked about whether we would save hypothetical children or each other. Even though it's hard to predict what we'd actually do, imo. She says she definitely would attempt to save us.

I think that it would depend on where the fire was and how likely I thought it would be that I would die. If the fire was in a completely different area, I like to think that I'd attempt it.

I also wouldn't want to run into a clearly aflame area and give the firemen the extra job of saving me when they need to be saving others.

And while I think I would feel very guilty, I'm honestly not sure self sacrifice where the odds of all of you dying are high is something to be held up as an ideal response.

She thinks that the last bit is just an excuse and that overall my outlook is selfish.

I'm interested to know what other people think.