August 22nd, 2015

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Bridal shower poll - dessert, favors, & prizes

I am throwing a bridal shower for my sister. It's at a country club, and the meal will be Asian chicken salad (or chickenless for vegetarians). I'd be grateful for your opinions on dessert, favors, and prizes! Thanks!

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For dessert, we have to order in advance and it has to be the same for everyone. What would you want for dessert?

Assorted cookies and brownies platter
Fruit Torte - Seasonal fruit over vanilla custard in a sugar crust
Lemon Chantilly - Lemon chiffon, white chocolate mousse and lemon curd topping
New York Cheesecake - Traditional creamy cheesecake with a graham cracker crust
Tiramisu - Chocolate génoise soaked in espresso coffee syrup, pecan crunch, milk chocolate ganache, mascarpone mousse, chocolate shavings
Triple Layer Mousse - Layers of semi-sweet, milk and white chocolate mousses
Cupcake Display - Selection of assorted cupcakes
Viennese Table - Assorted bite-sized desserts

I am going to give out favors, which I want to keep under $10. What would you like the best? (Note: the bride really likes the local chocolate company, so it’s kind of a sentimental thing for her, and most of the guests are not local.)

Gift bag from local chocolate company with a 4-piece box of chocolates, small candy bar, and small bag of caramel corn
A small jar scented candle
Something else under $10 (please suggest in the comments!)

We will have a game where the winner gets a prize. Also, I have asked guests to bring a recipe to contribute for a custom cookbook for the bride, and I am going to have my sister draw one or two recipes out of the box, and whoever contributed the recipe will get a prize. I’d like to keep the prizes between $25 and $50. What prize would you most like to win?

A gift card to (in a nice box)
A gift basket of chocolates from a local company
A gift basket of bath/shower items
A coffee & tea gift basket
Something else between $25 and $50 (please suggest in the comments!)

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what, specifically, is the scariest thing about flying in airplanes?

I mean more specific than just "crashing", like which cause of an accident is the scariest? If you heard the pilot come on and say "Attention passengers, I'm sorry to tell you that ____"... what would you be okay hearing in that space, what would definitely not be okay?
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TQC I am not a decorator. I love funky and I love color but we are buying/renovating a house built in 1918 with craftsman elements. I have no clue what color to paint the stucco fireplace and mantel!  We don't have a color scheme (brown leather sofa is it) but we prefer warm colors for the house. What color(s) would you use?

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