August 21st, 2015

Chandler & The Drill

Regular presents for a bedridden friend

My best friend just told me she has to have surgery on her foot again, and she'll be bedridden for 2 weeks. The surgery is normal in the sense that it's not life-threatening, and in the sense that it's another one in a long line of surgeries, but the bedridden for 2 weeks part is unusual.

She should be home the day of her surgery. I'm planning on sending her one package every day for two weeks. Here are my ideas so far, could you let me know if you have any other ideas, QC?
- Puzzle books
- Chocolate/sweets
- Dried fruit
- A notebook with a few curves filled in, that she could fill in herself (with a note from me - she'd enjoy that, trust me).
- Playing cards
- A small bookshop gift card

When I broke my leg last year, my best friend sent some care packages that saved my sanity, so I want to repay the favour if possible.