August 16th, 2015


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Who was your favorite famous guest star on Will and Grace?

For me, I think Matt Damon has to win. He's just adorable, and I still laugh whenever I hear "Wishing And Hoping."

Runners up are Gene Wilder and Kevin Bacon.

(Honorable mention: Clark Gregg. I did a major double take when he showed up on screen.)

DK/DC: What's your favorite guest star role/cameo from anything?

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Last thing to make you go "OH GOD WHY?!?!", or whichever variant you prefer?

Today, I was visiting my friend. As we were chatting, her dog jumped up on me and licked my tongue when I was in mid-sentence.


I'm sorry little doggy, but I am just not ready for that kind of commitment.
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Mr. Pants Says


So, I just had my knee arthroscopically operated on to fix some cartilage issues. The surgeon says I might make it two years before I will need to have the joint replaced, either partially or totally.

I need to have the other knee operated on soonish, but with the same outcome.

Would it be worth it to you to have arthroscopic surgery on your knee just to buy a couple of years before a replacement? Or, would you just put it off until it was time for the replacement?

To me, it feels like the problem is being chipped away at piecemeal instead of just being addressed, once and for all. I understand that my relatively young age of 46 raises the possibility of outliving the fake knees, but it's a risk I'm willing to take instead of having repeated surgeries with the same outcome.

dk/dc: Did getting old surprise you like it did me?