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August 6th, 2015

(no subject) [Aug. 6th, 2015|08:09 am]
The Question Club


how did it get so late so soon????
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Epitaphs [Aug. 6th, 2015|11:42 am]
The Question Club


Have you run across any good ones? What would you like as yours, either on your tombstone/urn/funeral program?

I'm quite fond of one I just stumbled across in some work I'm doing, though obviously it will eventually require some editing:

"Here was followed in 1814
August Nyman
By many friends
Separated by language and color
United in tears
Good, it is, to so die"

A stilted-ish translation of:

"Hit fölgdes år 1814
August Nyman
Af många wänner
Skildge till språk och färg
Enige i tårar
Godt är att så dö"
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Sentimental Value [Aug. 6th, 2015|08:11 pm]
The Question Club


So my folks are doing a bit of reorganisation at the moment and came across a couple of boxes of my university notes. worksheets, questions, handwritten physics problems etc. Dad said He's put it up in the loft and my response was 'or we could just throw them away, I'm not going to read them again.' (and i'm not, and haven't in the six years since i graduated, i have a master's degree in something entirely different now)

He seemed rather surprised this.

Does old university or school stuff have sentimental value to you? Am I being weird here?
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